How to max friendship fast in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There's a number of benefits to raising your Pokémon's friendship level.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Friendship is an important metric in Pokémon. In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokémon with high friendship will dodge attacks more frequently, land more critical hits, and occasionally survive otherwise-fatal blows. Certain Pokémon, including Chansey, Riolu, and Buneary, will only evolve when they have a high level of friendship. Besides these gameplay impacts, it’s just nice to know that your Pokémon think of you as a friend.

Like previous main series games, Pokémon Legends: Arceus includes the friendship mechanic. If you’re looking to quickly evolve a Pokémon that requires a high friendship level or if you just want your Pokémon to feel more comfortable on your team, here are some quick ways to max your Pokémon’s friendship levels.

Win battles

As in previous games, Pokémon enjoy being sent out in battle in Arceus. Using them in battles against both wild Pokémon and Trainers will increase their friendship level, particularly if you win the battle. Using items on Pokémon during battles will also increase their friendship, as Pokémon enjoy feeling pampered. If you have one particular Pokémon whose friendship you want to raise, try sending them out in battle a lot, making sure they don’t faint, and using items on them.

Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Gather resources with Pokémon

One of the new mechanics in Arceus is gathering resources with your Pokémon. Occasionally on your journey, you’ll need to send Pokémon out to help you collect crafting materials and other resources from the wilds of Hisui. Assigning a Pokémon to this task increases their friendship level. If you need to collect lots of resources and have a Pokémon whose friendship needs to be raised, you can kill two Starlys with one stone and choose that particular Pokémon to gather the resources. This also grants a small amount of EXP, making it a good way to tip your Pokémon over the edge of the next level, while you’re at it.

Feeding your Pokémon EXP Candy

First introduced in Sword and Shield, EXP Candy increases a Pokémon’s experience points total. It shouldn’t be confused with Rare Candy, which increases a Pokémon’s level by one, regardless of how much EXP it needs to get there. In addition to having items used on them in battle, Pokémon enjoy eating EXP Candy, which in turn will increase their friendship level. To increase a Pokémon’s friendship level quickly, try feeding it lots of EXP Candies, using it in battle consistently, and allowing it to collect any resources you find.