How to get Ultra Shiny Square Pokémon in Sword and Shield

Superstar shinies are here.

Image via Nintendo

A new variant of shiny Pokémon has been added in Sword and Shield and it’s incredibly hard to get.

Dubbed by the community as square shiny or super square shiny Pokémon, this is a new variant of shiny creatures with square particles in the background of its appearance animation instead of stars.

It doesn’t change what the shiny Pokémon looks like at all other than the particle effect. This variant was first discovered by a Reddit user and data miners across the world. The Pokémon has a one in 65,536 chance to appear over the usual one in 6,000 chance that regular shinies get.

This variant of a shiny Pokémon tends to appear better when using the chain method, even if the change in rates is slim, according to the data miners and those who have caught one. This revolves around you constantly fighting and beating Pokémon of the same specifics, like Pikachu, one after another until a shiny appears.

You can break this chain, though, by either running from a battle, accidentally running into a different Pokémon instead of the one you were chaining, or by turning off the game.

There’s still no definite way to guarantee you’ll get this new variant, however. Trainers should prepare to be hunting for days, or even weeks, to get even one of these creatures. RNG will decide your fate.