How to get Holowear Tickets in Pokémon UNITE?

Get yourself some skins.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE just launched around the globe for the Nintendo Switch and fans are already starting to collect all the items that the game has to offer. The first MOBA experience for the franchise brings with it a plethora of changes to your standard Pokémon game.

There’s a difference in how to obtain characters and items compared to traditional Pokémon games. In UNITE, players no longer venture out into the wilderness to capture their Pokémon, instead unlocking them by redeeming in-game currency available both by taking part in matches and in-app purchases.

Cosmetic upgrades, or skins, are also available, but you won’t be able to earn these by simply playing games. Skins can instead be redeemed with Aeos Gems or Holowear Tickets.

How to get Holowear Tickets?

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Holowear Tickets are obtainable in-game, but they are few and far between. Right now, one of the known ways to score some for yourself is to max out the Battle Pass and open a Battle Pass Prize Box. Inside, you can find yourself some Holowear Tickets. You also earn a Prize Box every 130 points after you’ve reached the max level on the Battle Pass.

The other way you can get Holowear Tickets right now is to receive them from the Energy Reward lottery system. Spending energy, you can roll the dice to get a reward with a chance of scoring Holowear Tickets.

This isn’t an assured way of getting them, however. The drop rate is quite low, and the amount of tickets you’ll receive is only 10–insufficient to get a skin, the cheapest of which right now are priced at 18 tickets.

There will likely be new ways to acquire these tickets introduced into the game over time but for now, these are the two options you can choose from.