Grass-type Pokémon are getting a buff in Pokémon Go

Overgrow would be really helpful now.

Image via Niantic

April is going to be a celebration of all things Grass-type in Pokémon Go, which means it was the perfect time for the typing to receive some much-needed buffs in the game, too. 

Niantic has not only given some of the staple Grass-type moves a boost, but also given a few Pokémon access to some move combinations they didn’t have prior to this update. 

In total, six moves, three of which are Grass-type in origin, and six Pokémon got changes in this update, with all of them expanding how useful potential combinations can be in battle. For the moves, all of the Grass-type attacks were buffed, while the other moves were all nerfed. 

Here are all of the update notes for the six attacks that were changed, along with their typing. 

  • Bullet Seed – Grass-type Fast Attack that now generates energy more quickly.
  • Energy Ball – Grass-type Charged Attack that now reaches full charge more quickly and has a chance of lowering the opponent’s Defense by one stage.
  • Leaf Tornado – Grass-type Charged Attack that now has a chance of decreasing your opponent’s Attack by two stages.
  • Ancient Power – Rock-type Charged Attack that now deals less damage in Trainer Battles.
  • Silver Wind – Bug-type Charged Attack that now deals less damage in Trainer Battles.
  • Ominous Wind – Ghost-type Charged Attack that now deals less damage in Trainer Battles. It also reaches full charge less quickly.

All of the Pokémon that have received new moves are Grass-types, but not all of the new moves they will learn are going to be getting that same type attack bonus. In fact, only three of the Pokémon are getting more Grass-type moves, with two now learning Bullet Seed. 

  • Bellossom: Bullet Seed
  • Jumpluff: Aerial Ace
  • Ludicolo: Energy Ball
  • Cradily: Bullet Seed
  • Sunshine Form Cherrim: Fire-type Weather Ball
  • Tangrowth: Rock Slide

Tangrowth learning Rockslide and Cherrim learning Weather Ball give them some extra type coverage that they didn’t have before, though it is unclear if that will up their usage rate in any form.