GameStop confirms Pokémon Sword and Shield shiny Toxtricity distribution for Feb. 19

More details are still coming, but it's a promo for the TCG release of Shining Fates.

Image via The Pokémon Company

An upcoming distribution event that will give Pokémon Sword and Shield players access to a free shiny Toxtricity is set to take place in the U.S. soon, GameStop confirmed today. 

This distribution event is tied to the upcoming release of the Pokémon TCG set Shining Fates and was originally leaked two weeks ago

For U.S. players, GameStop is offering shiny Toxtricity to trainers who stop by stores on Feb. 19. It’ll be available in-store or curbside via a code on Pokémon Pass, a mobile app that gives users the ability to earn and redeem digital rewards for Pokémon games. 

As of now, we still don’t know what moves, nature, or item this shiny Toxtricity will have, but we can safely assume it’ll have Punk Rock as an ability. 

This is also the first new serial code event since the Pokémon the Movie: Coco tie-in for a Dada Zarude launched on Dec. 25 in Japan. 

The distribution event will run at EB Games in Canada, Micromania’s website in France, and GameStop will also host it in Germany. More details about all of the locations where you can grab a shiny Toxtricity and when the promotion ends will be available on Serebii.