Fujifilm and Nintendo partner for new Switch compatible instax printer

Just in time for Pokémon Snap!

Image via Niantic

For Switch enthusiasts and Pokémon fans, there is a new accessory to add to your collection.

The instax mini-Link will give Switch gamers a way to print out screenshots taken on the gaming device. The collaboration comes just in time with the new Pokémon Snap‘s April 30 launch to turn your digital snapshots into instant collectibles.

The instax mini-Link comes in a white shell, with a Switch-inspired red inner body and blue lighting. The device can also be purchased with a special edition Pokémon sleeve.

The process of printing these captured images begins with transferring them from the Switch console to the accompanying instax mini-Link Nintendo Switch app. This is completed by scanning a QR code.

From the app, users can customize their image with a variety of different filters and frames from Nintendo games such as Super Mario 3D World, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon Snap.

The device and accompanying app are set to be released on April 30 and is expected to cost around $100. This release is set for Japan, Europe, and North America, so there should be plenty of opportunities to score one for yourself.

For the Pikachu bundle, fans will likely have to wait a little longer for its release sometime in May, with the possibility of being charged a higher price for it.