Everything we know about the next Sword and Shield Mythical Pokémon appearing in CoCo

Time to go and explore the jungle.

Screengrab via Pokemon

The Pokémon Company will reveal a new Mythical Pokémon on Feb. 27, but little is actually known about the creature.

The biggest thing we know is the general shape and outline of the new Mythical Pokémon, thanks to a scan from CoroCoro magazine that Pokébeach was able to get. 

Just from appearance, it is likely going to combine different animalistic features with some strange amalgamation of different creatures you might find in a jungle. This lines up with the new Mythical Pokémon being tied to the 23rd Pokémon movie, which is simply titled ‘CoCo’ at the moment. 

Because the entire trailer takes place in the wilderness or near a jungle, it would make sense that the Pokémon is a Grass-type of some sort, but there is nothing that guarantees that. 


There could also be some connection to Celebi since the Celebi shrine from the Pokémon 4ever film is also shown in the trailer. The new Mythical Pokémon could be some kind of guardian for the jungle, and by proxy, the other Mythical Pokémon, too. 

Screengrab via Pokemon

One of the only other things we see in the trailer is Ash and Pickachu looking up to see a person acting like Tarzan and running through the trees. That boy has bands on his arms that slightly resemble the shapes on the new Pokémon’s arms, which is probably not a coincidence. 

Screengrab via Pokemon

There is a baby in the trailer that has the same hair color as the jungle boy and if that is the case, he might be raised in the jungle and become friends with the Pokémon. 

The Pokémon will be appearing in CoCo and then be available through an event for Pokémon Sword and Shield at some point around when the movie releases on July 10. But we will have to wait until Feb. 27 to learn more during the Pokémon Day celebration.