Error in Pokémon Go shortened the level cap race for some players

The race to level 50 is still on, but will it be fair?

Image via Niantic

Many Pokémon Go players from different countries reported last night that sometime after reaching level 48, their level tasks reset to zero, causing them to lose their level progress for no apparent reason. And some of them were reportedly compensated today by jumping to level 49.

Since Niantic increased the level cap from 40 to 50 in Pokémon Go last year with the Go Beyond update, trainers have been racing to see who can be the first to reach the maximum level. But this reported level boost felt unfair to other players who are trying to be the very best.

While Australian players Lauren Bertoni and FleeceKing were lucky to receive the level jump, other trainers like Kris Sadowski and Eckido haven’t been compensated, which put them behind in the race to level 50.

These players had different progress already done. FleeceKing said he had sent 100 gifts to friends while Kris had completed the distance trade task, made 23 lucky trades, and sent 102 gifts.

Niantic hasn’t released a statement about what may have caused the level 48 error or about the level jump compensation to selected players instead of resetting the tasks to their correct progress. The company only asked the trainers to send a DM on Twitter.

Players have to make 10 trades with Pokémon caught at least 300 kilometers apart, obtain 50 lucky Pokémon in trades, send 500 gifts to friends, and obtain 35 platinum medals to reach level 49.

The level 50 requirements include 30 million XP, 999 Excellent Throws, five legendary catches in a row from legendary encounters, three Team Go Rocket Leader wins with Pokémon under 2,500 CP, and to hit rank 10 in Go Battle League.