Charizard V, Arceus VStar, and more Secret Rares revealed for Pokémon OCG Star Birth

This is going to be a chase set purely for a handful of these cards.

Image via PokeBeach

Star Birth will be the first Pokémon OCG set released in 2022 on Jan. 14. And thanks to fans getting their hands on some packs slightly ahead of time, we now know what Secret Rares are included. 

Among the newly revealed Secret Rares are Special Art variants of Charizard V, Lumineon V, Honchkrow V, and Arceus V. 

Surprisingly, none of the Pokémon VStar, which are the featured cards of the set, have a Special Art variant. Instead, the regular Pokémon V got the Special Art treatment while the Pokémon VStar got Rainbow Rares.

Arceus VStar’s Secret Rare is more like a Gold style card, along with a Rainbow Rare variant too. 

Full Art and Rainbow Rare versions of Kindler, Cynthia’s Ambition, Cheren’s Care, and Roseanne’s Backup will also be available. You can view the full list of Secret Rares on PokéBeach as all of the cards continue to be revealed. 

All of the cards from Star Birth will be combined with cards from the Start Deck 100 collection to make the Pokémon TCG set Brilliant Stars, which will release on Feb. 25. Some cards from the VMAX Climax OCG special set might also sneak into Brilliant Stars, though we won’t know for sure until the actual set list drops sometime next month.