Can you send Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home?

When will it be available?

Image via Nintendo

Trainers woke up this morning to find that Pokémon Home was finally available to download, letting players from across the world store their precious Pokémon online to transfer into Pokémon Sword and Shield (if they’re in the game’s Pokédex).

While the service allows you to trade Pokémon between the Let’s Go series, Sword, Shield, and Bank, a Pokémon Go option doesn’t seem to be available, even though Game Freak and Nintendo said the process was possible.

So, can you actually transfer Pokemon between Go and Home?

The short answer? Not yet. Nintendo and Game Freak haven’t added the option to the game yet to allow you to transfer Pokémon between the two games but will do so in the future.

You’ll need to have a paid subscription to Home in the future to make it work, though, just like how you need to pay to transfer Pokémon between Bank and Home at time of writing.

There’s no time frame on when this option will become available, but we’ll update this article when any information comes out.