Best battle items in Pokémon UNITE

Battle items return in UNITE to change the tide of battle.

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Battle items return in Pokémon UNITE, offering players the opportunity to buff the stats of their Pokémon to get the upper hand on their opponents. While many of them function similarly in this MOBA as they do in the main series, there have been twists implemented to streamline them for this genre of game.

Some of the Pokémon series’ most well-known battle items make a return, such as the X Attack, X Speed, and Fluffy Tail. Others are making their debut in UNITE and offer effects that directly influence you and your opponents in Unite Battles. The key difference between battle items in the main series and UNITE, though, is that only one can be brought per battle. After use, it goes on a short cooldown, then it’s ready to be used again without being disposed of. 

While Pokémon UNITE has a large number of battle items, some stick out as being much more beneficial than others. Though it is currently unknown whether or not more battle items will be added to UNITE in the future. Here are some of the best battle items that you should bring into your Unite Battles that will help you overcome your opponents:


Potions in the main series Pokémon titles have always been a class of their own, but here in UNITE they are classified as battle items. But in every Pokémon game, they’ve served as the most efficient way to heal your Pokémon on the go—and that’s no different here.

At trainer level three, players will unlock the Potion as their first battle item, and it’s one of the best options to bring into Unite Battles. Every 30 seconds the Potion provides an instant heal to your Pokémon, allowing you to fight on without having to heal at your goals or base. However, the heal is not a lot and becomes much less efficient in the late-game, so it’s best to use it when you know you’re about to win a fight, or when you need that extra boost to get out of one.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, though, a Potion will always have your back. If no other battle item piques your interest, then a Potion is always a safe choice.

X Attack

The “X” series of items have always provided a helpful boost to the stat that they are named for, and that is no different in UNITE. Though the range of options is limited to X Attack and X Speed, they have been reconfigured for the MOBA formula so that the omission of all other other “X” items is not a major drawback.

While the X Speed does provide a nice speed buff for a short duration, many Pokémon have dashes on a shorter cooldown that make it unnecessary. The X Attack, on the other hand, is one of the most impactful battle items in the game thanks to its optimization for UNITE. Not only does it provide a buff to your attack, but it also boosts your special attack. Therefore, for Pokémon like Charizard and Slowbro that have both physical and special attacks, both types of moves will be buffed at once. Even Pokémon with one type of move enjoy the buffs, as no other battle item boosts these important offensive stats.

The X Attack is unlocked once players reach trainer level seven, with its only drawback being its long 40-second cooldown. Because of this, you’ll only get to use it a handful of times in a match.

Fluffy Tail

The Fluffy Tail has been an important item for escaping Wild Pokémon in the main series, particularly when you’re in a situation where pressing escape may not work. In UNITE, however, since Wild Pokémon can be escaped from at any point, it has an entirely different effect.

This version of the Fluffy Tail stuns Wild Pokémon in front of you and, for a short duration, allows all attacks done to them to do more damage. No other battle item currently in UNITE has the capability of stunning Wild Pokémon nor allow them to take more damage. Both effects living in one item makes it a lot easier for players wanting to traverse the central path and take care of more powerful Wild Pokémon to benefit their team, such as Ludicolo and Bouffalant.

Although it may seem that an item as strong as this would have a high cooldown to prevent it from being used often, it only has a cooldown of 25 seconds. While we’re only in the beginning of the life cycle of Pokémon UNITE, it is safe to say that the Fluffy Tail stands out as one of the best battle items in the game for players accustomed to traveling from lane to lane. Players can get their hands on this item at trainer level 10.


The last battle item that players will unlock has the potential to completely turn the tides of a Unite Battle, but at the cost of an incredibly long cooldown.

The Goal-Getter item doubles goal-scoring speed for a short duration, letting players who have amassed a large quantity of Aeos Energy to score goals quicker. This item acts as a pseudo-Rotom or Legendary Pokémon, who, upon defeat, completely rid goals of their defenses for a short period of time that can be used at any time. 

If your team is behind, using the Goal-Getter after gathering Aeos Energy from Wild Pokémon, opponents, or Legendary Pokémon can turn a losing game into a winning one with the tap of a button. While it’s not guaranteed that the Goal-Getter will reap positive results each time is used, if timed correctly players can make a large comeback and overwhelm opponents that may have thought they’d walk away with the win.

Unlike the Fluffy Tail, the Goal-Getter’s power is noted by the longest cooldown for any battle item currently in the game. After use, players will have to wait 120 seconds to use it again, meaning in a normal Unite Battle players will only get to use it up to three times. Players can get their hands on the last battle item in the current version of Pokémon UNITE at trainer level 17.

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