Are Shiny Hoopa and Shiny Hoopa Confined available in Pokémon Go?

It's not time yet.

Image via Niantic

The Season of Mischief continues with full force in Pokémon Go with a Special Research project, Misunderstood Mischief, which will be live throughout the season. The Research project will go live at 11am local time on Sept. 5.

You’ll have a chance to capture Hoopa’s Confined version as you complete the tasks that will become available. Though the encounter is guaranteed, you’ll need to bring your A-game to successfully add it to your collection. With a guaranteed Hoopa encounter in their sights, most players already started wondering whether they could capture a Shiny version of the Pokémon.

Hoopa is a Mythical Pokémon and Niantic doesn’t immediately release the Shiny version of a Mythical Pokémon when it launches. Shiny Mythical Pokémon release, it usually happens during a special event revolving around Pokémon’s shiny version.

As of now, a Shiny version of Hoopa isn’t present in Pokémon Go, but Niantic is likely to announce it through its social media channels whenever the developer decides to bring it on board.

Though the Special Research project, Misunderstood Mischief, will only be available during the Season of the Mischief, players who start the first quest can complete it even after the event. You should start the first quest before the event wraps up, even if you don’t plan to finish a Research project right now, to buy yourself some extra time if needed.