Another mouse cursor was accidentally included in the Jan. 9 Pokémon Direct

It looks like Game Freak missed something.

Screengrab via Nintendo

It looks like Game Freak has the same issues some other content creators do. Fans found a mouse cursor in the Pokémon Direct that aired on Jan. 9. 

After the announcement of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon remaster and the trailer showing off the basics of the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, the developers went into more detail about some of the information that was being shown. And for a few frames during that detailed explanation segment, a mouse cursor is hovering over one of the character models. 

Screengrab via Pokemon

It was only visible on one specific character model that was displaying some of the new outfits and customization options coming in The Isle of Armor expansion that will be released in June. This isn’t that big of a deal overall, but it does show that someone working on the presentation just didn’t catch the obvious error when submitting the footage for editing. 

Image via Reddit

This isn’t the first time this error has been made by Game Freak’s production team. A mouse is also visible during a portion of the ending credits in the final version of Sword and Shield

That small error is a much bigger deal since it was in the retail version of a $60 big game franchise that’s known for being high quality, which is why so many people used it as a point to tear the game down. But seeing a mouse cursor for barely a few seconds during a presentation that’s showing off unfinished game models shouldn’t be held to that same standard. 

Anyone who grabs onto this and holds it against Game Freak’s quality assurance team has the right to do so, but this small error doesn’t directly translate to any problem you might have with the game. There could be some internal issues at the company, but nothing has come to light and until it does, these issues can’t be viewed as more than just simple mistakes. 

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass will begin releasing in June with The Isle of Armor dropping with new story content, Pokémon, and customizable items such as the item that had the mouse on it.