All Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes – May 2022

At this point, the gifts might really be a mystery.

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The Mystery Gift feature is something that the Pokémon series has used for years to reward players with distributions such as limited-time giveaways or promotions that give players access to special items, encounters with Pokémon, and more. 

Whether it be something as simple as claiming a gift by connecting to the internet and searching for it or claiming one through the use of a specific distribution code, this has been a go-to method for all kinds of exclusive or rare content to be added to games since the second generation of Pokémon

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Game Freak further developed the Mystery Gift system, making it separately available on a player’s in-game menu after encountering Zacian or Zamazenta at the start of the game. This is because the feature would be used much more frequently post-launch in November 2019, including typical distributions and rewards from the Battle Stadium after competing in online battles. 

Once you open that Mystery Gift tab from the game menu, which is accessed by pressing the X button, all you need to do is select the “Get A Mystery Gift” option. From there, you can select to search for a gift via Local Communication or the Internet if one is available. Otherwise, you can select “Get with Code/Password” and enter the code for the Mystery Gift you wish to redeem. 

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As for Battle Stadium Rewards, which are specified and changed at the start of each individual online competition, you can claim them through the labeled “Get Battle Stadium Rewards” option when you have earned them. 

Once you do have Mystery Gifts unlocked, here are all of the currently active campaigns and codes you can redeem, how to do so, and if they are tied to a specific event. 

Mystery Gift codes

Mystery GiftHow to obtainExpiration date

Sword and Shield content has recently dried up when it comes to Mystery Gift codes, with the only regular additions being made during big competitive events that give players access to competitively viable Pokémon used by players in recent events.