All increased spawns, encounters, and event raids for Pokémon Go’s Lunar New Year event

Mega Gyarados is here, along with a lot of shiny Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

With the simple theme of red and relevant Pokémon, Pokémon Go’s Lunar New Year event offers players a way to celebrate the holiday while also adding some new content. 

From Feb. 9 to 14, players can send Gifts, trade Pokémon, and complete Special Research to get rewards throughout the event. 

Just like with the other special events, players will be able to catch a ton of shiny Pokémon including Miltank, Tauros, and Gyarados. Mega Gyarados has also been added to the game and can be captured by defeating it in Mega Raids. 

If you plan on celebrating the Lunar New Year, here’s everything you need to know about the event, including spawns, encounters, and event raids.

Spawn increases

  • Krabby (Shiny available)
  • Goldeen (Shiny available)
  • Magmar (Shiny available)
  • Magikarp (Shiny available)
  • Gyarados (Shiny available)
  • Miltank (Shiny available)
  • Meditite (Shiny available)
  • Tepig

Event egg pool (five kilometer)

  • Rattata (Shiny available)
  • Ekans (Shiny available)
  • Mankey (Shiny available)
  • Ponyta (Shiny available)
  • Mareep (Shiny available)
  • Houndour (Shiny available)
  • Miltank (Shiny available)
  • Torchic (Shiny available)
  • Bagon (Shiny available)
  • Buneary (Shiny available)
  • Tepig 
  • Litleo

Event-specific raids

  • One-star
    • Meditite (Shiny available)
    • Carvanha (Shiny available)
    • Duskull (Shiny available)
    • Skorupi (Shiny available)
    • Darumaka
  • Three-star
    • Octillery (Shiny available)
    • Miltank (Shiny available)
    • Blaziken 
    • Camerupt
    • Absol
  • Five-star
    • Latios (Shiny available)
    • Latias (Shiny available)
  • Mega Raids
    • Mega Pidgeot
    • Mega Gyarados
    • Mega Ampharos

Event bonuses

  • Trade distance increased to 40 kilometer 
  • More likely to become Lucky Friends
  • More likely to get Lucky Trades
  • More Poké Balls from Gifts