All Fire-type Pokémon weaknesses, explained

If you picked a Grass-type starter, you'll wanted to read this.

Image via The Pokémon Company

If you’ve ever had the joy of choosing a first partner Pokémon, you’re probably familiar with the Fire-types. Fire forms one point of the most basic counters triangle in the series: Fire trumps Grass, Grass trumps Water, and Water trumps Fire. Those who chose Fire-type first partner Pokémon were likely stymied by their rival’s choice of a Water-type partner, which forces the player to raise a well-balanced team to counter them.

Pokémon labs aren’t the only place where enterprising trainers can find Fire-types, though. The series’ regions are filled with fiery creatures if you know where to look. The type is a favorite of gym leaders, Elite Four members, and other top-tier battlers, so it’s important to know how to counter these powerful Pokémon if you meet one in battle. They might be tough, but they’re not invincible.

Fire weakness: Water

Fire’s most obvious weakness is to Water-type moves. Water is the most common type in the game, appearing in 15.99 percent of all Pokémon, according to Bulbapedia. Water is also an extremely common dual-type pairing, so if you really want to rain on a Fire-type’s parade, try finding a dual-type Water Pokémon whose other type is another of Fire’s weaknesses. Water-types can make short work of Fire-types thanks to powerful moves like Surf, Hydro Pump, and Brine. Don’t try to burn them with Scald, though—Fire-types have an immunity to all burns.

Fire weakness: Rock

Fire’s weakness to Rock-type moves is likely well known to anyone who’s ever faced a Charizard before. Rock-types can quickly smother Fire-types with moves like Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Rock Tomb. Rock-type moves are even more effective if the target in question is a Fire and Flying-type, like Talonflame, Ho-Oh, or the aforementioned Charizard. But Rock-types may fall prey to Fighting-type moves, which are common among Fire-types, or the powerful Grass-type move Solar Beam.

Fire weakness: Ground

As long as you aren’t facing a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon or a Fire-type with the Levitate ability, Ground-type moves are another great way to take out a fiery attacker. Ground-types have access to traditionally powerful moves like Earthquake and Earth Power, which plenty of non-Ground-type Pokémon can learn, too. While Ground-type Pokémon don’t take reduced damage from Fire-type attacks like Water and Rock-type Pokémon do, they’re still a good choice when you want to take out a powerful Fire-type quickly.

If you’re looking to go up against a Fire-type, there are a few more matchups that you should be aware of. Dragon-types aren’t super effective on Fire-types, but they do take half damage from Fire-type moves, so they can help in a defensive situation. Fairy-types only deal half damage to Fire-types, as do other Fire-types, so you’ll want to keep them out of the fight unless it’s an emergency. It can be hard to find a way to counter a powerful, fully-evolved Fire-type, but with the right types and the right moves, the power will be in your hands.