All 24 rank-up requirements for Pokémon Go Battle League season 6

There are a lot of new changes, but the concept is still the same.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Battle League season six is receiving a massive overhaul from what players are used to, including the format changing from 10 ranks to 24 ranks and a three-month run time. 

Along with the extended time that seasons will run, the changes to ranks extend to how players will earn a rank up through competing in matches. 

The main change made to the progression system for the Battle League revolves around winning “additional battles.” This simply means players won’t rank up without actually winning battles this time, with the maximum rank they can reach without winning matches still being Rank 2. 

The final four ranks all require players to reach a certain rating, just like ranks eight, nine, and 10 from previous seasons. Here is the breakdown for how many wins players will need to reach each rank in Battle League season six, including those rating requirements for anyone looking to reach Rank 24.

  • Rank 1: Starting Rank achieved when you start the Battle League and competing in one battle
  • Rank 2: Compete in five more battles
  • Rank 3: Three more wins
  • Rank 4: Four more wins
  • Rank 5: Five more wins
  • Rank 6: Six more wins
  • Rank 7: Seven more wins
  • Rank 8: Eight more wins
  • Rank 9: Nine more wins
  • Rank 10: Five more wins
  • Rank 11: 11 more wins
  • Rank 12: 12 more wins
  • Rank 13: 13 more wins
  • Rank 14: 14 more wins
  • Rank 15: Five more wins
  • Rank 16: 16 more wins
  • Rank 17: 17 more wins
  • Rank 18: 18 more wins
  • Rank 19: 19 more wins
  • Rank 20: Five more wins
  • Rank 21: Battle League rating of 2,000
  • Rank 22: Battle League rating of 2,500
  • Rank 23: Battle League rating of 2,750
  • Rank 24: Battle league rating of 3,000

Battle League season six starts on Nov. 30, so you better prepare your teams for the elongated grind that it will bring to the game.