All 150 Alolan Diglett locations and rewards in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion

Prepare to look high and low for some hidden moles.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The largest side quest in the Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion has players searching the entire collection of islands for 150 Alolan Diglett scattered throughout the map. 

You won’t see them moving around at all, but each of the the small yellow tips of the Mole Pokémon’s whiskers will be peeking out of the ground. All you need to do is walk up and interact with the top of its head and a short cutscene will play, showing the Alolan Diglett popping up out of the ground before leaving the area.

You will then receive a short message saying that Pokémon went back to its trainer, along with a total for how many Diglett are left in that specific area of the map. 

It will take quite some time to track down each of the Diglett, but that time will be cut down significantly if you at least know where to go to find them all. The more Diglett you find, the more rewards you get from their trainer, including different regional variants that have items and Hidden Abilities. 

Here is a list of how many Diglett you will need to locate in each area and a guide on how to find them all, which will be updated over the next 24 hours. 

Challenge Beach

  • There are nine Diglett located at Challenge Beach.

Brawler’s Cave

  • There are seven Diglett in Brawler’s Cave.

Courageous Cavern

  • There are seven Diglett located in the Courageous Cavern.

Fields of Honor

  • There are 18 Diglett located throughout the Fields of Honor.

Potbottom Desert

  • There are 10 Diglett hidden in the Potbottom Desert. 

Honeycalm Island

  • There are 11 Diglett hiding within Honeycalm Island.

Workout Sea

  • There are 11 Diglett hidden on the land portions of Workout Sea.

Stepping-Stone Sea

  • There are seven Diglett hidden on the land portions of Stepping-Stone Sea.

Soothing Wetlands

  • There are 20 Diglett spread throughout the Soothing Wetlands. 

Forest of Focus

  • There are eight Diglett hiding in the Forest of Focus.

Training Lowlands

  • There are 15 Diglett hidden in the Training Lowlands. 

Loop Lake

  • There are seven Diglett spread out around Loop Lake.

Insular Sea

  • There are six Diglett hidden in Insular Sea.

Warm-Up Tunnel

  • There are only three Diglett buried in Warm-Up Tunnel. 

Challenge Road

  • There are eight Diglett in Challenge Road.

Honeycalm Sea

  • There are three Diglett hiding on the land in Honeycalm Sea.

And once you find all of the Diglett, here are the rewards you can earn by talking to their trainer after each milestone. 

  • Five Diglett: Alolan Meowth – Hidden Ability Rattled
  • 10 Diglett: Kantonian Slowpoke – Holding King’s Rock, Hidden Ability Regenerator
  • 20 Diglett: Alolan Vulpix – Hidden Ability Snow Warning
  • 30 Diglett: Alolan Sandshrew – Hidden Ability Slush Rush
  • 40 Diglett: Alolan Raichu
  • 50 Diglett: Alolan Marowak – Hidden Ability Rock Head
  • 75 Diglett: Alolan Exeggutor – Hidden Ability Harvest
  • 100 Diglett: Alolan Starter – Hidden Ability
    • Rowlet (Grookey Chosen) – Hidden Ability Long Reach
    • Litten (Scorbunny Chosen) – Hidden Ability Intimidate
    • Popplio (Sobble Chosen) – Hidden Ability Liquid Voice
  • 150 Diglett: Alolan Diglett – Hidden Ability Sand Force