Zarya’s got an adorable snowboarder skin for Overwatch’s winter event

Winter Wonderland begins next week.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland—like the other seasonal events—is known for its new skins. Each year, Blizzard brings out themed gear for its heroes. Naturally, Overwatch heroes get bundled up for Winter Wonderland. And the first hero to get a cozy look in the lead-up to the Overwatch seasonal event is Zarya.

Blizzard posted the new skin to Twitter this afternoon. “Pawsitively fursome,” it wrote. “Shred your opponents as Snowboarder Zarya. Winter Wonderland begins Dec. 11.”

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The new Zarya skin is legendary—and it shows. Zarya’s trading in her weight-lifting gear for a seasonal snowboarder look, with a twist. She’s wearing a blue-toned snow set with a cute bear hat and a fuzzy white tail. Like usual, Blizzard’s skin is down to the details: Zarya’s got an adorable bear keychain hanging from her pack, with a cute bear sticker on her weapon. And her weapon’s got a makeover, too—now in a cute light pink hue.

Winter Wonderland will return next week and run from Dec. 11 until Jan. 2. We’re expecting Blizzard to bring back Mei’s Yeti Hunt and Snowball Offensive alongside a whole bunch of new skins. It’s been typical for Blizzard to showcase its new seasonal skins in the lead-up to the event, so fans can expect new reveals to continue into next week.

Blizzard will also bring back the skins from previous Winter Wonderland events, available at lower prices. Overwatch’s Blizzard World is the next map in line for its winter makeover, too. But all other maps with winter iterations will be available to play on as well.