Zarya could be featured in Overwatch’s next digital comic

Sombra may be involved, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s digital comics and animated shorts have hinted at potential character development for Zarya—a character with a mysterious backstory to this point.

An image coming out of a San Diego Comic Con Overwatch panel, however, suggests we may get a comic featuring Zarya soon. Blizzard revealed a Zarya comic is in development on July 21, releasing just one panel from the story. And there’s a whole lot to unpack there.

The last we’ve seen of Zarya, she was meeting with Volskaya Industries CEO Katya Volskaya after a bunch of Talon members attempted an assassination on the businesswoman. Katya called Zarya to her office, though it was never revealed exactly why. Many speculate Zarya will be hired to retaliate against Sombra—Zarya herself, however, knows exactly why she’s there, she tells Katya at the end of the animated short.

We’ve known for a while now that Zarya has always been distrusting of omnics. Her Russian village was destroyed in the Omnic Crisis when she was a child, though she vowed to eventually be able to protect Russia. A soldier in he Russian Defense Forces, Zarya is also a super-strong woman adored by her country.

And that makes it all the more confusing to see Zarya potentially protecting an omnic in the comic panel displayed at SDCC. It appears she’s actually in Dorado, too—Sombra’s spray is behind Zarya, with the shadows of what appears to be Los Muertos goons.

There’s a lot more to Zarya than what we already know, and it seems like we’re going to get a peek into that sooner rather than later. Blizzard did not detail a timeline for the comic.

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