You can get hit by a car on Overwatch’s new map

Oasis is now live on the game’s public test realm.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Settled in a once inhospitable part of the Arabian desert, Oasis is a technologically advanced haven. Its stunning architecture and palm tree–laden streets are home to Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment’s latest control map.

Originally revealed at BlizzCon earlier this month, Oasis is now live on Overwatch’s public test realm. However, you’ll have to be lucky to actually test it out. At this time, the new map is unplayable for many PTR users?—?basically, players just can’t get into any games, custom or otherwise.

But when it is actually playable, players should be delighted with its new additions. Namely, Oasis’ steady flow of cars, which can hit and kill heroes who don’t look both ways before crossing the road, and the new jump pad that launches heroes to new heights.

Oasis’ launch pad has the potential to increase mobility to some already incredibly mobile characters?—?say, shooting a blinking Tracer right into the city’s center (and the first control point). Using Reinhardt’s charge, the German soldier can be launched directly into the fray, as YouTube user Electric Eel discovered.

It’ll help less mobile characters, too, like Ana. Unlike other snipers such as Hanzo or Widowmaker, she has no ability to help her access tall towers. With the launch pad, she’ll likely have quicker access to the best sniping points.

Speedy heroes like Tracer or Genji will have no problem crossing Oasis’ busy streets, but slower heroes will want to watch out. Hit and runs are a certain possibility (and maybe a new strategy?) on Overwatch’s new map.

Oasis is currently only available to PC players through the PTR client. Blizzard has not announced when it’ll hit the live servers.