XQc gets mad at Overwatch’s April Fools’ Day Reinhardt prank

His reaction was worth a desk slam.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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April Fools’ Day can be quite annoying. It’s a day that’s supposed to be fun, but it can be stressful when you fall for pranks all the time or at the worst moment possible. And when playing, since companies like to make their own funny changes to games on April Fools’ Day, players and streamers can also get annoyed by pranks.

Variety streamer and former professional player Félix “xQc” Lengyel fell for Overwatch’s prank and had an angry reaction that grew worse every second. Blizzard has been changing everything that Reinhardt players type in text chat since yesterday to make the words all capitalized with exclamation marks and adding Reinhardt’s quotes at the end, also in all caps.

XQc was playing a competitive match yesterday on Volkaya Industries when his team got denied the second capture point in round three. He was playing Reinhardt, and he decided to ask in chat “who is the hanzo?” Since Blizzard had already pushed the prank live, his message came out as “WHO IS THIS HANZO!!! CATCHPHRASE!!!” for all players in the match to see.

XQc then sent a message with a blank space only, which became “PRECISION GERMAN ENGINEERING!!!” while he apparently grew angrier. At this point, he seemed to be typing any thoughts that came across his mind, until he finally decided to type “dude I’m actually done,” which of course also got edited with “PRECISION GERMAN ENGINEERING!!!” again in the end.

XQc then slammed his desk with his fist. It’s possible to hear the sound of a metal piece on his desk vibrating after that. He turned around, turned the lights on again, and continued to play as if nothing had just happened.

We feel you, xQc. Even though April Fools’ Day might be a pain for some, spontaneous reactions like yours are what make it worth it.