Will there be role queue in Overwatch 2?

Not everything's changing.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans are getting closer another version of their favorite game as more details of Overwatch 2 were released. Alongside ability changes for some of the heroes, Overwatch fans also found out that the game was also changing its fundamentals.

Six-vs-six has always been the competitive standard for Overwatch, but that’s about to change. During the PvP preview livestream on May 20, Blizzard revealed it was switching to five-player teams.

Though you may need to have a tough conversation with your squad on who gets cut in Overwatch 2, another question will be the role queue’s fate in Overwatch 2. Role queue has been a core part of the current matchmaking experience, and there have been no plans of removing it from Overwatch 2, meaning it should be available in Overwatch 2 as well.

Removing a player from each team is a rather drastic change, however, and the role queue is likely to receive a few changes to adjust to the new system. The standard team composition in Overwatch 2 will involve two damage dealers, two supports, and a single tank. This means that the off-tank is a goner, and it’s likely that players won’t see it as an option while queueing up for a ranked match in Overwatch 2.

The off-tank role has been an excellent utility source for any lineup since it’s been the main spot to pick heroes like Zarya, Roadhog, and Wrecking Ball. It’s too early to tell where such heroes fit into the meta at this point, but it looks like professional Overwatch players will need to study a lot to figure out what works in Overwatch 2. The ranked and public matches until the dust settles maybe some of the most fun Overwatch 2 matches you’ll play, though, as the majority of the players base will be trying to figure out the meta together.

During the livestream, Aaron Keller expressed that this change was aiming to make Overwatch 2 easier to watch for the spectators. Considering the pace of the game and everything that goes in a team fight, having a hero less on both sides of the combat should reduce the overall visual clutter when both teams start using their skills and ultimates.