Who is Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

She's a familiar face actually.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Most shooter games skip out on lore since players are often more focused on in-game mechanics and not the storylines that define each playable character in the game. Overwatch doesn’t belong to that category, however, since the developers were able to build a thriller of lore alongside perfecting the game’s mechanics.

The original Overwatch squad has been the staple in the lore for a while, but other names made a few appearances in the past. Sojourn, for example, first came into light during the Storm rising event in 2019. Players wondered if Sojourn would be one of the next playable characters in Overwatch, but that wasn’t the case for the time being.

It looks like Sojourn’s time is finally coming with Overwatch 2 since she’ll be one of the newest heroes to join the roster. Players who are deep into the lore may remember Sojourn as she was one of the team’s original members. Winston also called her at the beginning, but she didn’t join the team until after Null Sector’s attack. Despite being a new hero, Sojourn has been in and out of the lore, making her a familiar face for Overwatch fans who can’t get enough of the storyline.

Getting into more technicals, Sojourn is a DPS character with abilities that are also looking to maximize her damage output. The details of her abilities are still unknown at the moment, but more information is likely to be released as Overwatch 2 gets closer to its release period.

Sojourn’s signature weapon is an energy rifle that can rapidly fire 40 bullets in a single clip. Considering her low reload time, players who like running and gunning may find Sojourn relatively fun to play. Players will also have access to a secondary fire mode while playing Sojourn since the energy rifle can also turn into a railgun. Holding down your mouse button will allow you to charge your next shot, allowing it to deal more damage.

Though not much is known when it comes to Sojourn’s activated ability, the chances are it might be an explosion skill due to how its icon looks. Her ultimate ability, on the other hand, allows Sojourn to charge her railgun much faster than usual. You won’t even need to fire the weapon since it’ll passively charge itself when her ultimate is active.

The first Canadian Overwatch hero, Sojourn, will potentially be one of the most popular picks when she eventually gets released with Overwatch 2. Until then, players are likely to learn more about the hero through new reveals or trailers that can shed light on the unknowns about the hero.

This article will be updated as more information on Sojourn becomes available.