Who is Mauga in Overwatch?

The Talon operative is a prime candidate for a new tank hero in Overwatch 2.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the release of Overwatch 2 coming in October, fans have been speculating about what new heroes could be added, especially when the developers told players that a new hero would be added regularly after the game’s PvP beta is released. 

A 2019 short story about Baptiste introduced a new character named Mauga, and many fans have their eyes set on the Talon operative as the next hero. But just who is Mauga, anyways?

Mauga made his first appearance in “What You Left Behind,” a short story in which Baptiste’s dark past catches up with him while on a trip to his home country of Haiti. After stopping for a drink at his favorite bar in town, Baptiste runs into two men from Talon who have come to collect him: Mauga, a large and tropically dressed man covered in tattoos, and Nguyen, a well-dressed Vietnamese man.

The story gives its readers a quick glance into Baptiste’s past as a Talon operative. During his time with the shady organization, the combat medic completed missions alongside his former partners, Nguyen and Mauga, who had taken Baptiste under their wing after he joined Talon.

Despite his attempts to flee Talon’s grasp, Baptiste’s former partners coerce the combat medic into helping them with a mission in the Caribbean country. While out in the field, Mauga dons a set of heavy armor with a coolant strapped to his back and carries a pair of machine guns. He activates an energy shield to protect the trio as they make their way through the target’s mansion, often using brute force to overcome enemies blocking his path.

If Mauga does join the Overwatch cast of heroes, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll join the game as a tank character. Based on his description, Mauga is a large-bodied figure—a shared trait across the tankier, frontline heroes. It’s common for tanks in Overwatch to carry machine guns (think Orisa and Wrecking Ball), and Mauga’s energy shield makes him a prime candidate for the role. 

Recently, the development team has revealed that Junker Queen will be the next tank added to the game ahead of its PvP beta in October. But because the new seasons will rotate every nine weeks, players will start to see heroes added on a more frequent basis, which means that Mauga could come to Overwatch 2 shortly after its beta launch.

On Oct. 4, players will get three new heroes in Sojourn, Junker Queen, and an unnamed support hero. Mauga could be the Dec. 6 new tank hero that was teased in the content road map during the Overwatch 2 reveal event. No official word from Blizzard has been published about who that tank will be, but fans will likely get more information about it closer to the date of the second season.