Who gets to be Santa in Overwatch’s holiday event?

There are a few obvious choices, but we’re hoping Blizzard takes a more unconventional approach.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

UPDATE (Dec. 5, 2016 1:04 pm ET): Seconds after posting this story, Blizzard confirmed the holiday event.

Leaked audio files found in late November suggest Blizzard Entertainment may be preparing for an Overwatch holiday event. A festive Overwatch theme song—part of the leaked files—inspires one major question with the community: Who gets to be Santa?

As always, Overwatch players have a lot of good ideas for holiday skins—and there are a few standouts when it comes to the jolly, bearded dude. The obvious choice, of course, is Reinhardt.

Image via Tumblr user Wowzers (used with permission)

Though he’d certainly be a more fit Santa than we’re used to, Reinhardt’s got the size. And the beard. And the white hair. Swap his hammer for a hulking red bag full of presents, and you’re good to go.

Reinhardt’s got some competition when it comes to the white beard, though—Torbjörn.

Image via Tumblr user KapKat (used with permission)
Image via Blizzard

Blizzard is behind the snowball launcher and reindeer turret, too; in 2014, the developer tweeted out an image of Torbjörn as Santa that’s never shown up in-game.

There’s always the unconventional approach. Say, Santa Reaper or Ol’ Saintyatta.

Image via Tumblr user genjicado (used with permission)
Image via Tumblr user JayByrd ([email protected], used with permission)

Regardless of who’s Santa, super speedy Tracer could be heading up the sleigh as a reindeer.

Image via Tumblr user mygayart (used with permission)

We’re confident enough to nearly guarantee one thing: Christmas lights and holiday sweaters. Overwatch fans are hoping that Soldier: 76, in particular, will get a really good sweater.

Image via Tumblr user WhimsicalCannibal (used with permission)
Image via Tumblr user sehyeo (used with permission)
Image via Tumblr user uni416 (used with permission)

Genji, on the other hand, only really needs to don some flashing lights.

Image via Tumblr user Flammenklinge (used with permission)

Blizzard has yet to confirm or deny the Overwatch holiday update (or whether or not there will be Christmas sweaters). We’ll update you with more information should it be officially announced. Given Blizzard’s history of winter events—Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft both get holiday celebrations—it’s likely the developer will show us more soon.

For us at Dot Esports, we really just want snowballs.