When does the 2021 Overwatch Anniversary event begin?

You won't need to wait long to celebrate.

Image via Blizzard

The Overwatch Anniversary event is Blizzard Entertainment’s way of celebrating the game’s anniversary every year alongside the community by releasing new modes, cosmetic items, and more. 

Typically, the event runs around the original release date for Overwatch, May 24, 2016, and this year’s event will continue that tradition. 

From May 18 to June 8, the Overwatch Anniversary 2021 will celebrate five years of team-based multiplayer action. This will be the earliest start for the Overwatch Anniversary in-game event. Last year’s event ran from May 19 to June 9.

Not much has been revealed about the event outside of the dates and an early look at one of the featured new hero skins, Funky Baptist. More information about new emotes, skins, and other items should drop ahead of the event’s launch on May 18.