When does Ramattra release in Overwatch 2?

Looking for a new tank to play? You're in luck.

Ramattra holds a deceased omnic.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s newest hero, Ramattra, is blazing onto the scene—and he’s making sure everyone knows he’s arrived.

The visionary omnic leader of Null Sector has been confirmed as the game’s next playable character and will be joining the tank class alongside Junker Queen, Zarya, Winston, and several others. He has a close relationship with Zenyatta, which will surely prompt interesting interactions and lore between the two during matches.

Ramattra’s full ability list hasn’t been released yet, but we already have an idea of when he’ll be joining the live game. Tanks have been a contentious group recently thanks to Overwatch 2’s transition to one tank per team in role queue and its five-vs-five matchups. According to a press Q&A, Ramattra was designed from the ground up with five-vs-five in mind, so it will be interesting to see how he fits into the new game’s meta.

Here’s everything we know about when Ramattra releases in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra release date details

Ramattra will release on Dec. 6 alongside season two of Overwatch 2. He will be the featured character for the season and will be available in the battle pass like Kiriko was. Prior to his release, Blizzard plans to share additional information about Ramattra’s lore and abilities, giving players a more complete picture of the hero before he releases. He’s already received an origin story; it’s not clear whether he will appear in additional story materials before his release.

Blizzard has not yet divulged much information on Overwatch 2’s second season. It remains to be seen what the theme of the season will be, what cosmetics will be in the battle pass, and which seasonal event will be featured. In the same Q&A, the development team did reveal that the game’s next new map will be related to Ramattra in some way, though it’s not yet clear how.

Keep an eye out for additional information in the run-up to season two’s launch on Dec. 6.