Watch Luminosity’s Ana put Hammers’ Pharah to sleep mid-flight

Though this moment was impressive, it wasn't enough to secure Luminosity the win.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hammers Esports are one percent away from capturing the well on control map Ilios during the second week of tournament play for the Overwatch Carbon Series.

Jake Lyon of Hammers is trading rockets with Alexandre “SPREE” Vanhomwegen of Luminosity, both on high-flying hero Pharah. Mid-flight, Jake lands a rocket square on SPREE and heads to the Luminosity back line to take out the team’s supports—but someone is already there waiting for him.

It’s Mikaël “Hidan” Da Silva on Ana, furiously sniping his own teammates to keep them alive in efforts to flip the capture point and prevent Hammers’ win. Hidan pulls back a bit when he notices Jake hovering above. And just as Jake expects to end it all with Pharah’s rocket barrage, Hidan flicks his wrist and puts him to sleep. It’s bedtime.

Luminosity barely has any time to celebrate Hidan’s ridiculous sleep dart shot before Hammers’ Rasheeq “train” Rahman comes in on Tracer to clean up the remaining Luminosity players on the point. Hidan’s epic Ana shutdown just isn’t enough: Luminosity can’t flip the well capture point before Hammers reaches 100 percent, so Hammers take the point.

Hammers’ domination continued throughout the rest of the matchup, defeating Luminosity 3-1. They’ll face Immortals today, with this week’s tournament play continuing through Feb. 29.