This ‘Vampire Queen’ Mercy skin concept should be added to Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event immediately

She wants to suck your blood.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s finally October, Halloweeniacs. That means it’s time for cool weather, leaves changing color, pumpkin spice everything, and the return of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event.

Arguably Overwatch’s best event for skin designs, Junkenstein’s Revenge and other seasonal modes will likely be making a return as well. But the most important thing about the autumnal celebration is new costumes for our heroes.

Image via u/sunshxvine

A concept artist by the name of Dana Herberg has grabbed the season by its haunches and crafted an excellent concept for a new skin for Mercy, who already has probably the best skin in the game with her Witch outfit from the original Halloween Terror event five years ago. The design was shared on Reddit and loved by many.

The “Vampire Queen Mercy” concept dresses everyone’s favorite angel medic as a creepy blood-sucker, but she looks good enough to die for. The red and black vamp theme is made complete with some blood dripping out of her lips and a vampiric Caduceus Staff.

Oh, and her pistol looks like it shoots blood, too. The gun is filled with an “AB” blood type vial, which is pretty gross if you think about it, but it certainly helps bring the skin concept to life.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event does not have a confirmed release date yet, but it should begin soon in the coming weeks.