This wholesome Overwatch dad gamer is going viral with his intense Lúcio gameplay

This is fantastic to see.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the coolest things about gaming is its breadth and how it connects with and reaches human beings of all ages and backgrounds.

Overwatch first dropped in 2016, but it’s still enjoyed to this day by players everywhere. But we haven’t seen someone as dedicated and intense as this dad gamer who’s gone viral on Twitter.

A Twitter user named Rob recorded his unsuspecting father while he played a Deathmatch game as Lúcio and it’s easily become one of the most wholesome gaming clips of 2021 so far.

The older gentleman is fully invested in the match and throwing his entire body into all of Lúcio’s movements in the best way possible. He’s sliding around on the floor, lifting up his mouse, jerking his head back and forth, and more, all while wall-running and boosting or healing.

The Overwatch community is loving the clip, too. Around 18 hours after posting, it has over 19,000 retweets and 124,000 likes. It even grabbed the attention of the Overwatch League’s Twitter account.

The best part of the video is right at the end, when the gentleman, whose name is Craig, realizes he’s being filmed. He’s surprised to see his son filming him but still incredibly proud of his “top-four finish.” It’s absolutely wholesome.

“I really find it pretty humorous and I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve seen,” Craig said to Dot Esports about the clip going viral. “It just goes to show how wholesome and not toxic the gaming community can be. I actually didn’t realize how much I did move around, but at least now I know why I’m always tired after I play!”

Rob told Dot Esports that Craig, 65, has been playing Overwatch since season two and has been a long-time Blizzard fan since the original Diablo. He said the only other FPS games Craig has played were the Portal games.

In the replies, Rob explained that this is his dad’s fourth chair and that the carpet underneath him is “completely ripped up.” He said there even used to be a drawer on the desk, but a previous chair had arms and “destroyed” it. Now that’s a hardcore gamer.

Keep on gaming, Craig. And stay invested, because Overwatch 2 is on the way.