Terry Crews making a major announcement at E3—is it Doomfist?

Time for us all to man the Terry Crews Doomfist anticipation station.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Terry Crews would be “great for many things,” Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said about the Brooklyn Nine-nine actor earlier in April.

Could one of those things be making a Doomfist announcement at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)?

It may not be a Doomfist announcement, but we sure hope it is. Crews teased a “major surprise” that he’ll unveil at E3 this year. Of course, our first instinct is that it’s Overwatch related. The Overwatch fan base—and Crews himself—have been hyping the possibility of the actor playing the Numbani-based bad guy Doomfist for quite a while.

In December 2016, Crews visited the Blizzard headquarters in California, fueling rumors of Crews as Doomfist. In February, Crews appeared in an audition video spouting possible Doomfist voice lines, but his audition wasn’t with Blizzard—it was just for fun.

Blizzard has remained coy on the potential casting.

In a video announcing his “major surprise” for E3, Crews booted up Overwatch on his PC, which some assume as a hint. Of course it’s nowhere close to a massive clue. After all Blizzard sometimes opts out of E3—they did last year—making the tease far from a confirmation.

Regardless of whether Crews plays Doomfist or not, Blizzard is expected to share more information about the character. After all, there are some loose ends that have yet to be tied up. Doomfist’s gauntlet, which used to be housed in the Numbani payload, is still missing.