Overwatch players combo abilities for the perfect Lúcio boop

Combo Reinhardt's ultimate with a Lúcio boop and an Orisa mini-graviton—and this happens.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players love a good boop. Booping has become central to the game’s core identity. But this particular boop might be the greatest boop ever.

Gliding along Eichenwalde’s crumbling walls, top tier Lúcio player “DSPStanky” is defending the payload as it approaches the castle doors.

Smashing his sound barrier to the ground, DSPStanky signals for his team to push in and engage with the enemy team. Moving to the left of the payload, aiming toward the Eichenwalde bridge, it looks like DSPStanky is setting up for a boop—but it turns out way better than he initially expects.

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As DSPStanky pushes forward, the Reinhardt and Orisa players linger a bit further back. When the enemy Reinhardt player drops their shield for just a moment, DSPStanky’s teammate knocks a bunch of the enemy players to the ground with Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate. Meanwhile, new Overwatch tank hero Orisa sends out her Halt! graviton charge, pulling all nearby enemies into a tight ball.

That’s where DSPStanky sees his opening. With a click of a button, four enemy players are booped right off the edge and to their death. To make things sweeter, DSPStanky lands one last kill with his primary fire.

What a combo it is: It’s one of those perfect moments in the competitive ladder where something wacky happens without any coordination. And it’ll likely never happen again.