The 9 best Overwatch Workshop codes

The possibilities are endless.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Following Overwatch’s release in 2016, fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person shooter heavily requested a custom scripting system. Their calls were finally answered during Overwatch’s three-year anniversary in 2019 with the release of the game’s Workshop feature.

The Workshop is an adapted version of a scripting system that the Overwatch devs use, which means the possibilities are endless for anyone who has experience with similar engines. And the Overwatch community has come up with a variety of new modes and fully-fledged character designs.

The Overwatch Workshop is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, which makes all the mods highly accessible. You just need to share the Workshop code with your friends and everyone can start hopping in regardless of their platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with Overwatch’s Workshop, you can learn how to use it here before diving into the action.

Here are some of the most fun Overwatch Workshop codes.

Loot Quest by Delwion

Modding engines and scripts are generally used to create simple mods like a sniper map. Delwion, however, came up with a PvE RPG game with a progression system.

Players can hunt enemies for rewards and loot in Loot Quest. You can also save your progress. The level of detail in this mod is admirable and it comes with seven share codes because it features several different areas for certain level ranges.

Workshop code for the Training Map of Loot Quest: CTHE4

If you like what you see, be sure to visit here to get access to other parts of Loot Quest alongside a gameplay guide that can answer all the questions you may have about the mod.

Genji Dodgeball by Mazawrath

There’s no need to worry if you weren’t good at dodgeball in high school. With Genji, you can become one of the best dodgeball players in Overwatch.

Genji Dodgeball is a straightforward mode. All you need to know is that if the ball is red, it’s targeting you. You need to deflect the ball while aiming at someone else to throw the ball at them. There are bounce pads around the maps, which are handy to bamboozle your enemies with shots from the sky or to gain some extra time before deflecting a shot that’s coming your way.

Genji Dodgeball Workshop Code: QQAYZ

Torbjörn Golf

Torbjörn Golf is a simple golf mode that could be described as a nice mini golf-like experience within Overwatch. Unlike what you may expect, Torbjörn is the ball and you need to get him to the hole with the least number of strokes.

Holding your crouch button will highlight wherever the objective is while holding the left click will allow you to charge swings. Pay close attention to the charge count on top of your screen since it increases quickly and you could suddenly find yourself on the opposite side of the map. 

Torbjörn Gold Workshop Code: X3Y1A

All Heroes Tracking by Truzen

Modding is also a great way to create practice ranges in addition to all the fun game mods. Aim and tracking maps are especially useful for players looking to improve their aim without the stress of a real match.

All Heroes Tracking is all about variety. You can practice your tracking, flick shots, and hero abilities. You can also play against waves of enemies, each getting stronger, which is a great way to work on your target swapping.

All Heroes Tracking Workshop Code: 2QNJ9

OWWare – WarioWare Microgaming by Bonkorn

This mode needs no introduction if you played WarioWare on Nintendo. OWWare does a great job of capturing the same wild elements and brings the WarioWare frenzy to Overwatch.

Each microgame lasts five seconds and starts with a prompt that can be seen on top of the screen. Players need to follow the instructions to gain points. There’s also a boss stage that happens every five rounds that awards three points.

There are a total of 48 microgames that include not moving, getting on a platform, or not hurting an enemy.

OWWare – WarioWare Microgaming Workshop Code: YZNNN

Epic Minigames by Aurallie, Aze, and Fuzzbuck

Overwatch’s Workshop has had its fair share of hit mods since its release. Epic Minigames packs them all together and it continues to expand its arsenal of mini-games over time.

The mod has over 50 mini-games, including all-time favorites like hide and seek, the floor is lava, flying Bastions, and Ana paintball.

There may be some rare cases where the mod crashes. The devs acknowledged the issue, however, so a fix may not be that far off.

Epic Minigames Workshop Code: EVDNJ

Uno Card Game by ochotonida

It’s hard to beat Uno when it comes to party games. It’s an easy game to pick up and creates rivalries with cards that make your friends skip a turn or force them to draw.

Though Uno has its own digital version, logging out of Overwatch may seem like too much work when your whole squad is online. Ochotonida’s Uno port gives the impression of sitting around a table with your friends while you’re all dressed like Overwatch heroes.

The game shares the same ruleset with the original Uno but you can also make further customizations via the mod’s settings.

Uno Card Game Workshop Code: SM33P

Call of Duty Zombies by Swosky

It’s hard to find another game mode like Call of Duty’s zombies that offers the same gameplay experience. 

While the theme is considerably different, Swosky’s Zombies mode is close to capturing the legendary vibe of the CoD zombies mode. The gameplay requires almost no instructions since you just jump in and start defending yourself against the hordes of the living dead coming toward you.

Call of Duty Zombies Workshop Code: YNZQS

Prop Hunt by Rosen

Hide and seek enthusiasts may find the mini-game in Aurallie’s Epic Minigames a bit lacking in terms of competitiveness. It’s just a mini-game in a mod full of them, after all.

Prop Hunt is a fully-fledged hide and seek mod that comes with improvements to increase the overall enjoyment. Props are colorful orbs, but they can change their colors with an ability. Their voice line will play every 15 seconds, which increases the adrenaline levels. The last surviving prop gains access to its ultimate while being able to punch the hunter. 

Being a hunter in this mode is no joke either since every shot you completely miss will damage yourself. 

Prop Hunt Workshop Code: JF0FJ