College Overwatch teams are getting a new tournament series

Tespa Training Grounds: Overwatch will run from March 18 to May 28.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Tespa’s Overwatch Collegiate Series is over, but college Overwatch teams are still battling it out to be the best in North America.

The Tespa Training Grounds: Overwatch tournament is a biweekly series for all Tespa college teams, regardless of skill level. With a new Training Grounds format especially for Overwatch, the tournament will run between March 18 and May 28.

The first round begins March 25 and works as a qualifier of sorts, putting Overwatch teams into one of two categories, skirmish or arena. Top 16 teams from the first event will be seeded into the arena league, with the rest in skirmish. The bottom four teams in the arena league, however, will have to fight in the tournament’s off weeks to stay in their slot. That’s where the top four skirmish teams can try to move up, too.

The skirmish league is Swiss style tournaments which lead into single elimination brackets, according to Tespa. The top four teams qualify for the next week’s promotion relegation tournament. Arena league has a double elimination bracket seeded by previous performance. As such, the bottom four teams will head into the promotion relegation.

For the promotion games, relegation will have the top and bottom teams face off in best-of-seven matches.

Playoffs on May 27 and 28 will determine the Tespa Training Grounds: Overwatch winners. The top 12 teams at the end will be awarded $9,500 in Overwatch peripheral prizing. Blizzard money will be awarded in each bi-weekly event.

Registration begins today on the Tespa website.