Team Singularity’s Overwatch roster disbands

A new squad will step in to replace them.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Team Singularity has dropped its Overwatch roster following two weekends of poor results in Overwatch Contenders.

The roster as it once stood did not win one match across two weekends of Overwatch Contenders season one play, falling 4-0 to both 123 and GamersOrigin. A new squad of players will step in and compete under the Singularity slot, though they are not a part of the Singularity organization.

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“As an organization, it will always be a gamble going into new esports titles, and with the structure and setup revolving around the prestigious Overwatch League presented by Blizzard, it is not an option we can pursue,” Singularity CEO Atle Stehouwer said in a statement.

Many Overwatch Contenders teams are undergoing internal restructuring ahead of the Overwatch League launch later this year. As teams trial players and prepare for the League, Overwatch Contenders teams remain in limbo. The Singularity replacements join GamersOrigin and EnVision as teams that entered Overwatch Contenders due to other teams exiting.

Former Hammers Esports player Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham noted that the team playing under the Singularity name will be operating “purely as a tool for the players to stay warm on a competitive level,” as well as a way to “gain exposure for the upcoming Overwatch League.”

Overwatch Contenders continues Sept. 1, leading into the weekend. After six weeks of tournament play—we’re just coming on week three—the tournament series will conclude with an offline finals event.