31 July 2016 - 03:11

Team Liquid Picks Up Two New Heroes

Team Liquid has added two heroes to their official roster.

One of the top-ten North American Overwatch teams has added two new players to their starting roster. This team is Team Liquid, and they have acquired Andrew "id_" Trulli and John "Minstrel" Fisher for their official roster, as they announced via their site.

These players have been playing with the team since June 22, but were never officially on the roster. While playing with Liquid, they qualified for the Beyond the Summit Cup Playoffs, with a crazy lower bracket run.

Along with these pickups, their flex player, Tim "dummy" Olson, will be stepping down from the starting roster. He currently does not have a new team, but Team Liquid stated in their announcement “we're working with him on finding a new place to call home.” Seeing how good flex players are hard to come across, he will most likely find a new team very soon.

For a bit of background information about the players, id_ is a three-time QuakeCon champion (2009, 2010, 2012). According to Robin Nymann, the director of esports for Team Liquid, “[id_] knows the ins and outs of competitive shooters more than most.” Their other player, Minstrel, is known for his earlier days as Lucio. He has past experience in Team Fortress 2 and other arena shooters.

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