Symmetra and Mei make a Bastion fly on Overwatch’s Oasis map

You've never seen a bot fly like this before.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An enterprising team made a Bastion fly—and deliver the pain—on Overwatch’s Oasis map.

Reddit user McMagicMarv achieved the trick by playing as Symmetra and having their teammate choose Mei.

To start, the team went to the bounce pad on the side of the City Center submap and placed a Mei wall on top of the pad. Symmetra then placed their teleporter on top of the wall, which fell down onto the pad when the Mei wall crumbled. After placing the other teleporter on the top of the map’s central pillar, Mei swapped to Bastion and jumped on the bounce pad, taking the teleporter when they fell back down. With their momentum conserved, Bastion flew out of the top of the central pillar and was able to shoot in the middle of the air. McMagicMarv took the trick even further by having a Reinhardt accompany Bastion through the portal, providing protection in the air while Bastion took aim.

Other fans joked in the comments that the footage looked like it was from the upcoming Overwatch 2, which recently revealed a new design for Bastion. Others pointed out that the trick could be used with other heroes and their ultimates, like the to-be-renamed McCree’s High Noon or D.Va’s bomb. In a normal game, the sequence would be difficult to pull off without a coordinated team behind you and an opposing team that’s allergic to destroying Symmetra’s portal, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch.