Surf’s Up Echo revealed for Overwatch’s Summer Games 2020

Surfboards can apparently also function as wings.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s 2020 Summer Games event kicks off on Aug. 4 and the development team can’t stop showing off new skins. Just a few hours after teasing the Lifeguard Pharah skin, the team revealed Surf’s Up Echo as the second Legendary skin available for the event. Both skins will be available when the event goes live tomorrow. 

Surf’s Up Echo gives Overwatch’s newest hero a watery makeover. Echo has been given hair that looks like a wave but also resembles a blue, glowing Olympic torch. The rest of the omnic’s body has been tricked out like a luxury surfboard, with designer labels and wood detailing. Echo’s wings have also been converted to surfboards. We’re not entirely sure how the aerodynamics work with that, but it definitely looks cool. 

This will be Echo’s first exclusive event skin. Even though Echo was launched in April 2020 and was live during the Overwatch Anniversary event, she didn’t receive any special skins. Since the developers had more time to design for the Summer Games event, she gets her time to shine in the sun. 

This Legendary skin can be unlocked through Summer Games loot boxes or by purchase with gold, Overwatch’s in-game currency. As a new Legendary skin, Surf’s Up Echo will cost 3,000 gold. It’s a pretty penny, but for Echo players tired of the same old launch skins, it’s likely worth it. 

The Overwatch Summer Games event launches on Aug. 4 and will likely run for three weeks, the standard length of most events within the game.