Echo is now live in Overwatch

Overwatch's latest DPS hero is finally playable.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Echo is finally live on Overwatch’s retail servers. Echo is the Overwatch’s 32nd hero and the 17th DPS hero to be added to the game. 

Echo has a number of damage-based projectile abilities as well as a flight ability that allows her to engage in aerial combat. In many ways, Echo plays like a more versatile version of Pharah.

Her ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, allowing her to duplicate any hero on the enemy team and quickly charge their ultimate at a 650-percent rate for 15 seconds. This ability, when used strategically, is one of the most game-changing and flexible ultimates in the game.

Although Echo is not yet available in the Overwatch League, we did get to see a sneak peek of her in March during some friendly exhibition matches on the PTR patch. Echo looked strong during the exhibition matches, with Shock DPS player Sinatraa finding a good deal of success.

At one point, Sinatraa built the majority of Echo’s ultimate in only 20 seconds. She’s received some minor nerfs to her ultimate charge rate since then, but we can still expect Echo to make a splash in the Overwatch League when she becomes available in early May.

Echo’s backstory is that she’s an “evolutionary robot” created by founding Overwatch member Dr. Mina Liao after the omnic crisis. As an evolutionary robot, Echo is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows her to learn from and “echo” the personality and traits of people she meets. Apparently, she’s been meeting mostly high-damage characters because she definitely is a high-damage character.

You can now play Echo in Overwatch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.