Surefour gets cheesed twice by Doomfist in the Overwatch 2 beta

That punch sure... packs a punch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

During a stream, Twitch streamer Surefour found out firsthand just how powerful Overwatch 2’s Doomfist changes are.

The stream clip, sarcastically titled “Surefour likes the new Doomfist,” is as funny to watch as it is exasperating. In the video, Surefour is approaching one of the capture points on Lijiang Tower on the nearby bridge, a spot notorious for its environmental kill potential. While standing behind his team’s Zarya, Surefour is knocked off the map by Doomfist, who punched through the Zarya to also impact him. While Zarya was protected from knockback thanks to her shield, Surefour was unceremoniously catapulted off the side of the bridge.

After a few complaints, Surefour respawns and walks the same way again, peeking around the corner of the wall to attempt a Deadeye ultimate. While aiming, he’s once again punched by Doomfist, which bumps him off the side of the map again in the same place. This time, instead of complaining, he’s silent.

Doomfist has been completely reworked in Overwatch 2. He’s been recategorized from damage to tank and his abilities now allow him to block damage and supercharge his Rocket Punch. If Rocket Punch connects with a target, it can also knock back other heroes behind the initial target, which is what happened to Surefour in the clip.

While Doomfist is likely to be tweaked in the future, the video proves that even as a tank, he’s still a force to be reckoned with.