Achievements for Overwatch’s Storm Rising surface, possibly reveal four new skins

Only one week before we get our answers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Eight new achievements for Overwatch’s upcoming Storm Rising event have surfaced on the game’s official site a week ahead of the event’s release. One of the achievements appear to preview new skins for four heroes: McCree, Ashe, Baptiste, and possibly Bastion.

The event kicks off on April 16 and will feature a new story mode, which was previewed by today’s new video teaser. The story mode will allow players to choose between Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy as they attempt to extract Talon operative Maximilien from his Cuban hideout.

As discovered by one Reddit user, fans could view the achievements ahead of the event’s release by visiting their player profile on the Overwatch website and scrolling down. Most of the achievements require players to complete the story mode in its original format and the “All Heroes” mode on different difficulties.

One of the achievements, Freelancers, requires players to complete Storm Rising with eight different heroes in the “All Heroes” mode. The achievement icon shows four different characters, including McCree, Baptiste, a monocle-wearing B.O.B, and an omnic-like head that seems to belong to Bastion.

It remains to be seen what the skins for the upcoming event will be, although many fans of the game have already began brainstorming. The skins could be a glimpse into the characters’ pasts. Ashe’s origin story seems to align with this hypothesis, showing viewers a blurry image of B.O.B wearing a monocle—exactly what the omnic wore in the achievement image.

The event page hinted at nine new skins, so if these are indeed four of the upcoming cosmetics, fans can expect an additional five to be released.

Blizzard usually releases skins in the days leading up to the event, so fans will likely have their questions answered within the week. Storm Rising begins April 16, so regardless of whether the Overwatch developer wants to spoil us early—fans will see the skins soon enough.