Sprinkles Mei revealed for Overwatch Summer Games

Cold, sweet, and ready to beat the heat.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While most of Overwatch’s heroes are heating everything up during the Summer Games event, Mei is here to cool us down with a sweet new skin. 

Overwatch’s Summer Games event begins on July 20 and fans can unlock Sprinkles Mei, a Legendary skin that gives the freeze queen the look of a retro soda fountain worker. Don’t let her adorable exterior fool you, though: That Blizzard still packs a punch. 

Mei is usually decked out in an artic-appropriate fur parka, but this Sprinkles skin focuses on fashion over function. She now has a bright red skirt complete with suspenders, a crisp white top, and a stunning bow tie. Mei’s usual black hair has been swapped out for a retro blonde pin curl and the iconic soda fountain hat. 

The best part of Mei’s Legendary skins is always the tiny details. Her leggings have sprinkles on them, really completing the ice cream motif, and her loyal friend Snowball has been made into a sundae. Even her weapon looks like a soft-serve ice cream machine with various flavors stored in the compartments. We have a feeling a vanilla-flavored Ice Wall is still going to taste like defeat. 

This Legendary skin will be available in Summer Games loot boxes when the event begins on July 20 and through its completion on Aug. 10. It can also be purchased for 3,000 gold once the event kicks off.