Afreeca Freecs, LW Blue, and RunAway Overwatch teams see roster shakeups

Teams are making changes ahead of OGN Overwatch Apex's next season.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

South Korean Overwatch teams are making some roster changes ahead of OGN Overwatch Apex’s fourth season.

Afreeca Freecs announced that its Red roster will disband. Of its two teams—Afreeca Blue and Afreeca Red—the Red team did not perform up to the organization’s expectations. The roster fell out of Overwatch Apex season two, only to place sixth in Overwatch Apex Challengers. The organization will now put its full support behind Afreeca Blue, which earned a third place finish in Overwatch Apex’s third season.

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LuxuryWatch Blue, the fifth place team in Overwatch Apex, will see support player Heo “Gambler” Jin-woo step down due to health problems. Vocal cord issues have reportedly plagued the player for years and he’ll leave the team to recover, according to the team’s announcement. Unfortunately, LW Blue is no stranger to player illness: Tank player Song “janus” Jun-hwa was hospitalized twice over the past year for a collapsed lung, but he remains on LW Blue’s starting lineup.

Unsponsored Overwatch team RunAway will also field a new roster when it resurfaces in the future. Support player and team captain Yoon “Runner” Dae Hoon and flex Bae “Mirage” Jung Min have stepped down from the team’s starting roster to focus on streaming, Overwatch website reported. The duo will stay part of the organization, using streaming funds to support RunAway.

RunAway placed 10th in Overwatch Apex’s third season, falling out of the tournament after the initial group stage. The roster is currently looking for new tank and support players.

More roster shakeups across South Korean Overwatch are expected as the Overwatch Apex comes to a close on July 29. Season four of the tournament series will begin shortly after the finals event, but an exact start date has not been announced.