Thor gets booped by Sombra after a real life arm-wrestling match with Symmetra

Overwatch's voice actors know how to have a bit of fun.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s voice actors are back at it again. This time, Symmetra voice actress Anjali Bhimani is arm-wrestling Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, all for a bit of attention from Sombra actress Carolina Ravassa.

In between panels and meetings at Sydney’s Supanova Expo over the weekend, Bhimani challenged Hemsworth to a strength challenge—arm wrestling. But what’s the prize? A boop from Ravassa. After accepting the challenge, Hemsworth takes the first round with little struggle, but Bhimani is certain she can overtake him. “Best two out of three,” the Symmetra voice actress shouts.

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Hemsworth nabs the second round, too. But as it turns out, Bhimani definitely let Hemsworth win just so Ravassa could boop him. I mean, we’re not about to doubt someone as fierce as Symmetra.

Overwatch’s voice actors are beloved in the community for their endearing passion for their characters. Earlier in June, they got together for an epic dance video to celebrate Overwatch’s one-year anniversary. Almost the entire cast is featured in the video doing their hero’s new emote dance, and it’s perfect.

Overwatch’s voice actors are international treasures, and we hope they keep uploading adorable videos for fans to enjoy.