Sideshow, neptuNo, and Custa accidentally leak multiple Overwatch League signings

Some of the best players in the league might be changing teams.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch League fans might have gotten a sneak peek at some of the biggest moves happening this offseason after analyst Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, support Scott “Custa” Kennedy, and support Alberto “neptuNo” González leaked several huge roster acquisitions.

The two-minute video published yesterday also revealed other details that probably weren’t supposed to be known by the public. One big topic that was discussed was the plethora of players headed to the Toronto Defiant.

DPS player Brady “Agilities” Girardi and flex support Park “Kariv” Young-seo are reportedly going to Toronto from the Los Angeles Valiant, as well as star Canadian DPS player Lane “Surefour” Roberts from the Los Angeles Gladiators, according to Custa. Neptuno also said that Toronto didn’t want to try him out due to fears over his toxicity.

These moves—if true—should help give Toronto a ton of firepower ahead of the 2020 season. Additionally, they’ll have some marketable players for their home fan base since both Agilities and Surefour come from Canada.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Meanwhile, the Gladiators have also reportedly made some big moves for their tank line by signing Dallas Fuel’s Son “OGE” Min-Seok and Valiant’s Indy “SPACE” Halpern—the latter allegedly signed for a large amount of money.

The Dallas Fuel reportedly signed Noh “Gamsu” Young-jin to a contract with a $240,000 salary. They were also allegedly going to trade support Jung “Closer” Won-sik for Custa, but the Valiant pulled out of the deal because the 21-year old was too expensive. In fact, Custa spoke at length about the Valiant’s intentions to go “full budget” next year with no player getting signed for more than $60,000.

None of these moves have been officially announced yet, however.