Sideshow discusses Aimgod’s tenure with the Boston Uprising

The caster speculated on why Aimgod was benched so frequently.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch League analyst Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson shared his thoughts on Boston Uprising’s Kwon “AimGod” Minseok, who defended the team for the past two seasons, during a recent stream.

Sideshow said the player was “one of the most talented flex supports we had in the League in 2018.” But he followed that praise with speculation about the player being involved in controversies with his team.

The analyst hypothesized that Aimgod’s “problems with authority” were a source of attrition between him and other players on the team.

“For some kind of behavioral reason, I think he got benched a couple of times on the Boston Uprising throughout 2018 and 2019,” Sideshow said. “I think that might have more to do with Boston and how it specifically clashed with Aimgod’s mentality rather than himself.”

Sideshow also said that even though the team seemed to make their peace with Aimgod, his appearances were still increasingly rare toward the end of the season. The player was frequently benched in favor of Yang “Persia” Zion, potentially because Aimgod’s contract was drawing to a close or because the Uprising thought Persia was a better fit for the team’s plans, according to Sideshow.

Aimgod was listed as a free agent by the Overwatch League on Oct. 4 and hasn’t officially signed with any team, but rumors addressed by Sideshow suggest that he could sign with the Washington Justice.

The Boston Uprising have made several changes to their roster following the 2019 season. The team moved on from most of their players, including their entire support line. The Uprising finished the second season of the Overwatch League in 19th place, so a complete overhaul doesn’t come as a surprise.

To reinforce their seriously-depleted ranks, the team signed support Seo “Myunbong” Sang-min and DPS Min “Jerry” Tae-Hui late last month. The two had an attention-grabbing performance in the Overwatch Contenders Korea.

Myunbong and Jerry were the first two new players announced to join the Uprising’s roster. The team has until Nov. 15 to have a minimum of eight players under contract, so it’s safe to expect more signings over the next week.