Redditor buys every Shanghai Dragons skin after losing his bet against the team

He didn't think they would be able to take a map against Seoul Dynasty.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It looked inevitable that Shanghai Dragons weren’t going to be able to take a map off Seoul Dynasty during their Jan. 25 Overwatch League match—until they did.

And because of it, one Redditor that bet against Shanghai not taking a single map against Seoul had to pay up. Redditor MissingPear created a post that rocketed to the top of the Overwatch front page stating that they’d buy each and every Shanghai Overwatch League skin should the team take a single map.

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“This is coming from someone who wants to see Shanghai do well, but is worried they might end the season 0-40,” MissingPear wrote. “I’m laying it all on the line for them to do the unthinkable.”

MissingPear set some rules: Shanghai had to score one point—a tie wouldn’t count—for the skins to get purchased. “The upset could never happen,” he added.

Well, you know what? It did. Not only did Shanghai take a map from Seoul, but the Chinese team showed immense improvement from their previous matches. It’s a good sign for Shanghai’s upcoming matches—if they can take a map from Seoul, they can take a map from others in the league too.

And so, the original poster had to deliver—which MissingPear did. MissingPear headed into the Overwatch League skins page to purchase a whopping 2,600 league tokens for $100 and buy all Shanghai’s skins. It’s a lot of money for some skins, but half of the proceeds go into a shared pot for the Overwatch League teams.

We’re certain that MissingPear isn’t the only Overwatch player who bought a bunch of Shanghai skins following the map, either. During the match, Shanghai captured the hearts of the audience, who were chanting the team’s name as they pushed back against Overwatch League frontrunners Seoul.

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