You can now self-cancel Mercy’s Resurrect on the PTR

It's an undocumented change on the Overwatch PTR.

Overwatch players have found an undocumented change on the game’s PTR that impacts Mercy’s Resurrect.

On Overwatch’s PTR, players can now cancel Mercy’s Resurrect ability by looking away from the “soul” of the hero that died. Previously, Mercy’s Resurrect could not be canceled by the healer herself. Here’s of GIF demonstrating the maneuver.

GIF via Blizzard Entertainment | Captured by Nicole Carpenter

The Resurrect is also cancelled if the Mercy player moves outside the the cast range. The Resurrect cancel doesn’t reset the ability’s cooldown.

Because the cancellation if not listed in the Overwatch PTR patch notes, it’s unclear if this feature is intended or a bug. Many, however, hope it’s a new feature. With no way to cancel the Resurrect, Mercy players had no way of bailing on a Resurrect if a scenario went bad, which led to Mercy being unable to escape and then dying, too.

The flipside of this is that it makes Resurrecting a target while moving a bit more difficult, as Mercy must continuously look at the dead hero’s “soul.” Should this feature make it to the live game, it’ll come in handy in plenty of scenarios, though.

H/T Reddit