Seagull: Choosing an Overwatch League team “was probably one of the hardest decisions in my life”

Brandon "Seagull" Larned is now a member of Team Envy.

Team Envy Overwatch player Brandon “Seagull” Larned had a “pretty huge variety” of Overwatch League offers—but the popular player decided Envy was the best fit.

Envy announced on Sept. 23 that it signed the former NRG Esports player to its Overwatch League roster for the inaugural season. Seagull is one of the most popular players in Overwatch esports, despite NRG’s struggles in competitive Overwatch. A player like Seagull brings star power, but also pure mechanical skill.

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Unsurprisingly, Envy wasn’t the only team courting Seagull. “I had a lot of offers,” Seagull said during a Twitch livestream. “A pretty huge variety of offers.”

Choosing a team was “probably one of the hardest decisions” he’s had to make in his lifetime, he added. But when looking at the details, Envy stood out for a few reasons: “cultural fit, current roster, and how good the [organization] was,” Seagull said.

Seagull did not specify exactly how many offers he had on the table, nor did he mention salary.

Seagull will not replace any of Envy’s current members, team owner Mike Rufail confirmed on Twitter. Instead, Envy “will be rotating players in and out based on our strategy all the way down to a per map basis,” Rufail said. Seagull is an all-around solid Overwatch player, but he’s particularly known for being a great Genji and Pharah player.

Overwatch League is scheduled to kick off in early December with a series of exhibition matches. The regular season will begin in January.